Monday, October 25, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Alright. Well, I think I've just about met my previous record of not-posting. Oh dear. I must work on that.

However, now it feels like there is just SO much to write about, that I get overwhelmed.

Let's just pick one topic. How about school? Boring subject, I know, but it's kinda a big part of my life right now. Okay, never mind--I'll do one sentence about school and then write about something else.

This year I am taking 7 college credits (Nutrition, College Algebra, and a Child Development class that's already over) through PSEO, as well two high-school classes (twentieth century jistory and literture) with some awesome girls.

There. Okay, now you're a little caught up on school stuff. And now for other things.

How about muffins? I love muffins. And I'm sort of addicted to making them. Be they pumpkin, banana, or blueberry&oat, muffins are delish.

This is BO-ring. Soooo...maybe this is why I stopped posting? Hmm... Oh well.

I'll write more later (hopefully). I have a precious Morning and Evening to share with you all, so that will most likely be my next post.

And now, you have read the lamest post in history. Sorry. And on that note, adios! :)