Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wii Fit

We finally have all of our stuff! Yesterday, the movers brought back everything from our living room and dining room. (It all had to live in storage while the workers put our house back together after the "flood".) Anyway, now that our stuff is back, we have our T.V.! And now that we have our T.V., we can set up Wii Fit. I'm so excited. We all pooled our Christmas money in order to get it. It looks so fun! None of us have actually ever played it, but we have watched commercials for it and it looks like a blast. We don't have it set up yet, but when we do, I'll post some more about it. And maybe, just maybe, some pictures. =D

p.s. I just did spellcheck, and it didn't recognize the word "Wii". How old is the spellcheck on blogger? It needs to get with the times, man! kidding.

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Becca said...

Hey Katie!

It is so fun to read your blog! We received a Wii for Christmas and I really would like to get the Wii fit sometime soon. It looks so neat.

I agree that spellcheck does need to get with the times! :) It is the same on Wordpress and on any application that I use!

It is a JOY to get to know you and I hope that we can encourage one other as we continue grow in our friendship!

By His Grace,