Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Hey, this is turning into a birthday series...hmmmm. Anyway, I love you Ben and I'm so glad that Allie married you. Now we can always be friends--if you move away you'll be taking my sister and nephew with you and I'll have more than one excuse to come visit! ;) You have taught me about philosophy and government, watched movies with me, explained those movies to me, comforted me when I was hurt or didn't feel well, laughed at my jokes, laughed at my gullibility, and been a wonderful second big brother. Have a very blessed, happy, fun birthday!



Daddy's Princess said...

Happy Birthday Ben!

-Ben said...

Thanks Katie! Man, 24 seems at the same time very old and very young. Such a paradoxical age! Anyway, it has been my pleasure to be you're second big bro, and here's to more shenanigans in the future!

PS - POP QUIZ! What is the difference between a Senator and a Congressman? ;-)