Tuesday, August 23, 2011

chemistry and captain america

Hola! Well, this is gonna be short because I am going to try to be going to sleep before 11 tonight. We'll see if that happens. But I wanted to inform you all of something big. huge. massive even.

Actually, it's really not a very big deal at all.

But anyway, my first chemistry class ever took place yesterday, and my second one will happen tomorrow. As well as my first chemistry lab.

And you know what? I think I'm going to survive this class. Now, I'm not saying I'm sure I'll live through it, I just feel like there is hope. I mean, I didn't take high school chem and now I'm running head-long into college chemistry? What am I thinking?! But actually, the professor is very nice, very approachable, and she said that this class is not going to be that bad. She said to expect something more like high school chemistry 2. I can handle that. I think.

On second though--scratch that. I know I can handle that. Not of my own strength, but the Lord is my strength, and through Christ I can do all things. Even chemistry.

Oh--and I've been thanking Him for blessing me with a professor I like. I was pretty nervous about that aspect of it, and He totally provided someone I really, really like.

And now, I'd like you all to meet someone, if you haven't already. His name is Steve Rogers:

Also known as...

...Captain America. He is awesome.

That is all.


The Nimba-Jimbian said...


*wild fangirl screams*

Ahem. Excuse me. I must go regain my honor.

katie said...

Oh Gina. I am SO wild-fangirl-screaming with you :) Unashamedly. ;)

The Nimba-Jimbian said...

When it comes to Riverview, you should come with us to see it. And then we can freak out together! =DDD