Friday, December 16, 2011

Emma, by Jane Austen

This book is so, so good. I absolutely love it. I cannot put it down. One of the things I like best about it (besides the wonderful characters *cough* Mr. Knightley *cough*) is that it is chock-full of the funniest quotes! Seriously, there have been probably 10 different passages that I have wanted to write down because they were just too delightfully witty. So, when I came across this gem, I had to post it.

The stage is set with the exhausting Mrs. Elton talking with the ever-gentlemanly, ever-dashing Mr. Knightley. They are discussing a strawberry-picking party to be held at his estate, Donwell. ("Donwell was famous for its strawberry beds." :)

"Oh! now you are looking very sly. But consider;--you need not be afraid of delegating power to me. I am no young lady on her preferment. Married women, you know, may be safely authorized. It is my party. Leave it all to me. I will invite your guests."

"No,"--he calmly replied,--"there is but one married woman in the world whom I can allow to invite what guests she pleases to Donwell, and that one is--"

"--Mrs. Weston, I suppose," interrupted Mrs. Elton, rather mortified.

"No--Mrs. Knightley;--and, till she is in being, I will manage such matters myself."

Read. This. Book. It is one of the cleverest books I've ever read. You will love it.


Ruthiey said...

Now that I'm finished with school, I think I will rediscover my love for the classics and I think I will start with that book! <3

katie said...

Yes, you should! It is quite delightful.

By the way, I'm super jealous that you are done with school. Congrats! That is so very exciting.

Oh, and my goal for Christmas break is to read at least an hour or two every day. So far, so good! :)

Emma said...

Katie! I just stumbled upon your blog! It's great! My parents actually named me after this book and I love it! I go back and forth between whether I like Emma or Pride and Prejudice better - I still haven't decided. My favorite part in the entire book is when Mr. Knightley tells Emma that he rode through the rain to tell her that he loves her. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh and there went my heart. :)

The Nimba-Jimbian said...

I really should read more Jane Austen... =\ But right now I'm on a Michael Crichton reading binge (okay, not quite binge, but he's the only stuff I'm read atm, so...).

Stephanie said...

Oooh, I read that book! I loved it too. I know this is usually the case with books vs. movies, but it's amazing how much better the book is than the movie. (And I do love several versions of the movie!)