Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hobbit


I absolutely. Can't. Wait. It looks so good, so epic, so wonderful, so perfect. I'm so excited.

I was too young to appreciate The Lord of the Rings movies when they came out; now I've got a second chance, and I will enjoy it with all my might.

Oh, and here's a grand picture that was my laptop background for a good while. I love it. 


Elleanna said...

I can't wait either! *sigh* All the movie characters fit their descriptions so well... :D

The Nimba-Jimbian said...

I am going to DIE OF IMPATIENCE. But you guys should all go see Tintin for some fun movie enjoyment. I think you all would enjoy it (especially if you've read the comics - if you haven't, get my brothers to lend them to you). It's a super fun movie. ^_^

Loverofwebkinz said...

yeah, yeah! I can't see it! boo hoo:(

Autumn said...

I am excited about this, too!