Monday, May 4, 2009

3 New Polls!

Okay, so I've never done a poll on this blog before, so they aren't really "new" in that sense. But, I just wrote them a few minutes ago, so they ARE new in that sense. Do those different senses make sense? Alright, alright, I'll stop saying "sense"=).
Anyways....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, vote on the polls if you watch American Idol!!!! I would love to know what my friends and family think about this season of this fun show! My favorites are Kris and Danny. By far. I would be SO happy if the finale was between the two of them, or even if it was between one of them and one of the others, so long as Kris or Danny won. They are both Christians (or at least, that's what Wikipedia says) and worship leaders in their churches. That's why I like them so much. They seem like really friendly, genuine people. And, there is something different about them that makes me think that they are born again. In fact, Kris (my favorite of my favorites) has been a missionary to Burma, Thailand, Morocco, and other places. Pretty fantastic. I really hope that they both make it, even if neither of them wins. I would totally buy their CDs. Their voices are both very beautiful and calming and cool. If you'd like, you can watch their performances here, at American Idol's website by clicking on their performances on beneath the playing performance (it will most likely be one of Adam's). I think he'll probably win. But who knows? Simon Cowell thinks that Danny has a better chance. That would be exciting!
Well I'm gonna watch Star Wars 1 with my fam. I'll try to get more pics of the babe up real soon. Today got away from me really fast (I cleaned my room for the better half of the day).


Wordgirl said...

Who's the guy I like? :)

katie said...

Kris Allen. He's great. He's the one that has been a missionary. :) Alas, I think he's in trouble of leaving this week. Oh well. Maybe he'll make a really great Christian cd that we can buy!