Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're going to Seattle!

If you are friends with my mom on Facebook, you already know this, but for those of you who don't, here you go :)

MESSENGERS is currently in production of "Light and its Effect on the Beast: Scenes from the Gospel of John". My brother, sister, and dad are all on stage! They do a wonderful job, by God's grace.

So, this year, they are taking the show to Seattle, where they will perform in two churches, and then to Thunder Bay Canada, where they will perform once. After a show closer to home, they will head out again to Fargo, North Dakota. Isn't that exciting? I will be going with them to Seattle, but will be staying home (I think) for the trips to Thunder Bay and Fargo.

We leave for Seattle tomorrow afternoon, and then they'll be going to Canada the next week. Would you please pray for us? Pray for the love of Christ to be evident among the Messengers group, so that we can minister to those we are going to meet. Also, pray that the trip would go smoothly (at least 5 people are traveling in a van all the way there--they left this morning--and the rest of us are flying) without any vehicle breakdowns or delays. Pray for the performances, that the cast would feel comfortable on the different stages, so that they will be able to worship. And for the audiences, that the Lord will gather in His lost sheep, using Messengers as a tool.

Thank you!

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