Monday, November 2, 2009


Keith, Amy, Erin, and I came up with this lovely alliteration this evening. Can you think of anything to add?

Because a big beautiful, blue, butterfly* bit me on the butt, my bitten bottom's big, bruised, blistered, and burns bad when I sit on the beach watching belugas blow and bouyant, burly, boats battle on the bays of Brazil.

Can you guess the letter we repeated? Try reading it out loud. It sounds funnier. :)

*Yeah, not sure the last time a butterfly bit someone's behind, but it made for a sillier sentence. See, it's addictive! I can't stop!


Stephanie said...

Hahaha! That's really funny! About the word you used twice... I think it's "big"!

Loverofwebkinz said...

I think the letter that you kept on repeting is "b"