Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anne of Green Gables, new poll, new design :)

Hey, y'all!

I just got back from our family reunion/vacation. It was great fun. While I was there I read Anne of Green Gables and started Anne of Avonlea, as well as some other books. But this post is about the "Anne" series, by L. M. Montgomery.

Anne Shirley is the heroine of this set of eight books. She is an orphan girl of eleven when she is adopted by the kindhearted and lonely Matthew and his sister Marilla. Anne is a helpless romantic and uses her imagination at all hours of the day. She is dreadfully conflicted by her red hair, which seems to be the only thing that she cannot imagine away. As she finds true friendship in the neighbor girl, Diana, she also warms the heart of crusty Marilla, and brings joy and life to dear Matthew. I have only read the first one and a half books, but I can already tell you--they are books to be treasured. The characters in Anne of Green Gables are all so well-rounded and funny--you will love them all immediately. Except perhaps the dreadful Josie Pye. :) Anyway, I highly, highly, highly recommend these books. You will fall in love with the red-headed Miss Shirley and the wonderful town of Avonlea.

Okay, on to the next matter of business :) If you have already discovered this gem of literature, please vote in my new poll! Also, let me know who you picked. If you've seen the movie/s, you can vote, too! The first book is very, very similar to the first movie :)

And lastly, as you can see, I'm toying with the design of my blog again. We'll see what it actually ends up being :)

Well, I have to leave for orientation in a few minutes, so I have to go.



Daddy's Princess said...

I said Diana Berry because she is so nice :)...but I would probably have a crush on and want to be friends with Gilbert...:P

Daddy's Princess said...

...Oh, except for the fact that Gilbert is mean.....

Wordgirl said...

I said Diana Barry, because she is very nice and even-tempered and isn't at all reckless or unruly. She's maybe a little timid, but...that's okay. :)

I LOVE the new design! It's really cute!

bronteelizabeth said...

Hey Katie! I love the new design, it's super cute. I voted for Anne because I'm more similar to Diana so I'd fit well with Anne. :)

Jess said...

I picked Anne because with her, you never know what kind of adventures are around the corner.

I saw on your description that you like Jane Austen. Have you seen the new BBC version of Emma? It is really great!

Stephanie said...

I voted Anne, because it would be so fun to be friends with her! I love to make up stories and use my imagination like her, and I know that together, we'd be a pretty good pair. =)

The Nimba-Jimbian said...

I need a newwww pooosssssssttttttt.