Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's not over yet...

Last week, we went to Cambridge to stay with some friends to escape the chaos of our ceilings being ripped out. The girls and I stayed until Saturday when my dad picked us up. My mom and Keith stayed until Thursday afternoon, and then Keith stayed with some other friends until Saturday night while my mom stayed home. Well, shortly after my Dad returned from picking Keith up, he was surrounded by three of his daughters all talking at once (that often happens in our family) trying to tell him that someone had crashed into our car. Yes. Our beautiful mini-van. She has gone, after nearly one year of faithful service, to the big lot of pavement up in the sky. We will miss her.
What happened was that a lady had left her van running, unlocked, while she went into her work building. Some guy stole the van, and the lady called the police. Anyway, the officers started following him (he was going way over the speed limit, which is not the smartest thing to do in Minnesota in the winter) and I guess he lost control. He came through our yard, hit our tree, went out of the yard, pushed (crashed) our car across the street, skidded, and hit our poor baby again. He totaled her.
One of my first reactions was gratefulness that my dad and brother were inside the house and safe. Had they been two minutes later, they could easily have been seriously hurt or killed. God spared them. It was not their time to go.
Please pray that we can find a new car quickly. Also that my dad will not be stressed out in trying to do so. The Lord has sustained him so far, and he has succeeded in maintaining a cheerful attitude throughout all this hardship by God's grace. Thanks.

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