Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Announcing...Gideon James!

He's here! Li'l Gideon James is here at last! He came around midnight last night, so I'm not sure whether it was officially April 6 or April 7. I haven't seen him yet, but hopefully, the kids and I will be going tonight with my dad. I talked with Ben this morning and he said the baby was 7 lb. 10 oz., 21 inches long, had lots of dark hair, and "a little nose you just want to nibble off". Oh man. They are so happy.

My mom and dad were at the hospital when he came. I had put the other kids to bed and I was watching movies when my mom called. Then they came home around 2am, and I was asleep in the recliner with the T.V. still on. It was fun.

Then, this morning, I woke up before 7! I rarely get up that early and never of my own accord. Amy came into my room shortly after that wanting to know if the baby was here or not. (I had tried to wake all the kids to tell them that Gid was here, but it only registered with Erin. The other two don't remember me coming in.) Then Erin came in and we all talked for a little while and then we all decided to go ask mom about all the details (how much hair he has, how big his nose is, etc.) but we couldn't find her. Turns out that she was back at the hospital for maternal comfort and guidance at Allie's request. Nothing was at all wrong, but everything is just so new. I think I really want my mom to be at the hospital with me when I have a baby. It would just feel nice to have the comfort of "mommy" when I'm a new "mommy".

Anyway, we're doing school today, which, I might add, is flat out torture, (ok, not quite torture but close) because all I want to do is hold and kiss that li'l guy. I just talked to my mom on the phone a few minutes ago and she said "I have to go. I have to hold the baby because Allie needs sleep. I'll call you later." I was like, "Arggh! I wish I was there! I would totally love to take care of him while Allie's sleeping!" Oh, I can't wait for this afternoon or this evening. Either my mom will come pick us up this afternoon or my dad will bring us there after work. Well, I'll post pictures either later today, tomorrow, or the day after.


Katelyn said...

Little auntie :)
I've been refreshing this page the whole morning, just waiting for news!
I can't imagine trying to do school now...that would be hard.

katie said...

Yeah, school is really hard to do. I'm thinking about asking my mom to give me a note for my bio teacher that excuses me from some of the homework. :p Probably not, but it's nice to think about. I probably won't even go to biology tomorrow. I think I will go to Classics, though. I want to see you and show you his picture!

Katelyn said...
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Katelyn said...

Well...I'm not coming to Classics class :(
(or should that be a happy face?!?!?)

I won't come back until the week after break, since I need to read whatever you guys will be discussing.

Post a pic after you see him! (if you can!)

katie said...

Oh, sorry to hear that you won't be there tomorrow! I'll miss you!