Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Sweet, Darling, Adorable Nephew

We all went to see little Gideon, his mommy, and daddy on Tuesday evening. Here are a couple pictures of the baby. He's SO cute! I love him so much! I wish I could put more up, but the thingy won't let me upload any more. You'll just have to be satisfied with these two for now. I'll post more later. An update on Allie and baby's homecoming: They are planning to come home after dinner this evening. Please pray that they are able to leave the hospital without any complications. Allie's blood is back to normal (for those of you who didn't know, she had to get of blood transfusion), and baby is still perfectly healthy, and is nursing even better. Okay, I'll stop blabbing and label the cute pictures.

Little sleeping Gideon. He loves to have his hands up by his head. I think it's adorable!
Auntie Katie and sleeping baby Gid. He was so little and sweet! He is a really good baby.


Katelyn said...

Oh man Katie, he is so sweet! So I'm assuming they're home now? That's really exciting. Love you!

Daddy's Princess said...

I like the close up picture that you have! He so precious! By the way Katelyn, you're right, he's home now!

Loverofwebkinz said...

you guys look so cute together