Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sense and Sensibility

Well, so far for my book group I've read: Wuthering Heights, The Three Musketeers, and Frankenstein and now it's on to Sense and Sensibility. I'm very happy about this selection, as you may have guessed :). I love both movie versions that I've seen and I've started the book more than once but I have never finished it. Part of what I love about having a book group is that you have to finish. And it's fun, too! Trying to figure out what other people will think, mentally "bookmarking" an especially touching moment so that you can share it with a group, and, well, just talking about any book makes it so much better and more in depth. Speaking of which, I have yet to read more than half of this week's assignment, so I'd better get off of Blogger and get into the world of the Dashwood sisters, Colonel Brandon, Willoughby, and Edward Ferrars. Farewell!


Allie said...

I'm almost done with An Old Fashioned Girl... maybe I should pick this one up next? I don't know if I've ever read it all the way through before!

katie said...

I think you should read "A Gown of Spanish Lace" next, and then "Sense and Sensibility". ;) Mom got "A Gown" from Paper Back Swap and it's in the mail right now so we should be getting it soon. You can borrow it when we do! :D

Maddie said...

Hi Katie! Just found you from your comment on Autumn's blog and this post about Sense and Sensibility caught my eye! It's my FAVORITE book and I hope you like it! -Maddie
p.s. the ending is awesome! you'll love it!

Maddie said...

Hi there! Thanks for your long, friendly comment!! We do have a lot in common! I am in 10th grade too. It's wonderful that you are reading through the New Testament this year. I got started with the Bible in 6 months thing when I found this girl's blog who is doing it and inviting people to do it along with her. I thought it would be very beneficial to me to read the entire Bible and get a overall view of the NT and the OT. I got a study Bible for Christmas too! how funny!

I agree with you about Wuthering Heights being super depressing. I tried reading it when I was in 7th grade but then I quit at the part where Catherine died because I thought it was terrible that the writer would make one of the main character's die right in the middle of the book! But then I had to read it for my literature class last year and after reading the whole book, I didn't think it was that bad! haha But Jane Eyre is WAY better!

Our family has also been to MN a couple of times for family camping trips, those are a blast. Picture this: 8 kids in a 15-seater van together for like 10 hours. These car trips include shouting, laughing, and lots and lots of singing! hehe

Ok this comment is getting rather long! I'm really excited about getting to know you more through your blog and stuff! -Maddie

Wordgirl said...

Tell the Colonel good evening for me. Tell Willoughby bad evening. And give my regards to Edward and Elinor, please. Oh, and ask Margaret where Seychelles is.

:D Grace

P.S. I'd really love to read Sense & Sensibility sometime. Do you think I'd like it?