Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The time has come

(How's that for a better title?)

Well, here I am, at 6:47 in the morning, showered and dressed. What's that? Why am I awake right now instead of sleeping in my soft, warm bed? The answer is simple. Driver's ed.

Yes, starting at 8 o'clock this morning, I will begin learning all of the facts necessary for driving. I'm taking a class that is on Wednesday mornings for 15 weeks. I am insanely nervous.

Not really, it's just fun to say. I am a little nervous, but who wouldn't be?

So anyway, I hope I survive this class so I can come home and tell you all about it. :) I'll try to post later today, if not later this week.

p.s. any prayers would be appreciated ;)


Wordgirl said...

I remembered the class this morning at ten thirty and prayed for you, but maybe you were already done by then. How did it go? Is there anyone you know in your class? See you (Lord-willing – begging Master that nothing happens so you can come!!!) tomorrow!

Love you! Here's a flower for going to Driver's Ed:

Autumn said...

I hope it is going well for you!
I didn't take driver's ed. I only had to take a 4-hour class (once!), to be able to receive my license.

katie said...

Autumn--you are so lucky!!! Oh my goodness. In my state it is SUPER strict that you have to have a FULL 30 hours of study (whether in a class or some kids do it at home with a lot of complicated stuff) in order to get you learner's permit. Then, you have to take 6 hours of behind the wheel training and hold your permit for 6 months before taking your driver's test. Then you can finally get you license. Needless to say, there can be a lot of headaches :P Anyways, thanks! :)