Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back-to-school= Fun, Tests, and Worrying (that last one isn't Godly, I know)

I realized that I haven't written a post about being back in school, so now here it is.

I'm a sophomore in high-school.

I wake up at 7:30 every day except Saturday. Sometimes on Sunday it's 7:00.

I am in a book group this year, and I love it. We have read Rip van Winkle, and are currently on our last week of Wuthering Heights (I finished it yesterday! Fabulous book. Loved the ending.). Our next book is The Three Musketeers. We meet every Monday from 1-3 to discuss what we've read. It is so fun to hear everyone else's opinions!

At home, I'm taking: Algebra 2, Anatomy/Physiology, American History, Spanish, and maybe Civics (if we can get that started up in the near future).

Last Friday, I took the PLAN test. It was hard work. The math and science tests were extremely difficult for me. I could feel my brain constricting. The clock was ticking and I knew that I could get the right answer, but I didn't have enough time. Because I was rushed through the last two pages of the math test, I would read the problem. Re-read. Re-re-read it. And it wouldn't go in. I had to guess. On at least five of them. Even though I knew how to solve those kinds of problems!!! It was so frustrating. The science test wasn't nearly as bad, but the very end was similar, unfortunately. English and reading were totally fine, at least I think. The test results could always show differently :P.

Oh well. My dad said that I can re-take it if I'm not happy with the score I receive.

Next year, (my Junior year) I will (Lord-willing) apply for PSEO at a nearby Christian university. My score on this test affects whether that will happen or not. We'll see. It's all in God's hands. What will worrying do? Nothing.

"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"~Luke 12:25

That helps.

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