Monday, September 21, 2009

Down the drain...

Two quarts of homemade ice cream went down the drain this evening. Literally. We had an episode similar (but by no means nearly as severe) to this one. That same pipe leaked or something and the water went through the upstairs flooring and dripped into our kitchen, where our semi-new electric ice cream maker was churning us a batch of vanilla ice cream. And so, that undesired added ingredient (water that has dripped through a floor/ceiling and as a result is murky-brownish in color) caused me to have to wash it down the drain. :( It's enough to provoke one to tears. Well, close to tears, at least. No, I didn't cry, but if I had been in the right mood, I definitely could have mustered up some tears. That's how important ice cream is in our house. :P

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